November 26

Diddly Nothing Less than 100%, Nothing More than 350.


Welcome to The Leadership Campaign. Nothing Less than 100%, Nothing More Than 350. We are serious people using serious tactics to call for serious solutions to a serious problem. We are Students for a Just and Stable Future. Our group believes in what we think is right and present it to the government in peaceful and reasonable¬†ways. On April 21, 2010, we slept out in tents on the Boston Common, to show our commitment for strong leadership in Massachusetts against rapid, catastrophic climate change. We slept because our homes are powered by dirty electricity, and we oppose its contribution to the greenhouse effect. Our website is going under a construction. Please bear with us while we’re trying to improve the website’s performance and looks. In the meantime, please feel free to contribute. Even just a small amount, your support will be put to good use. Thanks!